These Sleek Wireless Remote Bed Fans Will Make Your Nights Worthwhile

bed fan with wireless remote review
Sometimes, the main air conditioning system is never powerful enough to keep you cool in the bed. On such hot summer nights, you will need a fan that either blows under the sheets or a bedfan to keep the air in and around the bed moving. A bed fan with wireless remote control like the Smartly Things bed fan will let you control the air flow from the comfort of your bed as opposed to other fans that will have you stretch over to adjust speed settings on the fan,

This bed fan review will first explain the fan concept, tell you what to look for when choosing your fan and also give you brief bed fan reviews to help you choose the perfect fan to help you enjoy the benefits of sleeping in a cool bed.

Top Bed Fans With Wireless Remote Control to Consider

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds

This amazing second generation BedJet bed fan uses an intelligent algorithm that concentrates on achieving the right biorhythmic temperature to hep you go to bed faster, sleep better and wake up refreshed. Since the fan has dedicated heating and cooling settings, you can use it regardless of the season. The cooling mode will give you great relief within seconds, getting rid of those hot flashes or the sticky sweat that make the nights unbearable.

When set on heat, the BedJet V2 exudes dry heat that will be a blessing to cold feet or those chilly nights making it a perfect centralized alternative to bulky and risky electric blankets.

Notable features include:

  • An additional essential oil aromatherapy diffuser kit for scented aromatherapy
  • Dual zone temperature option to cater for two-bed occupants with different temperature needs
  • Wireless remote control
  • Free Bluetooth app for iOS and Android devices for the AirComforter

With a remote controlled bedfan, you will no longer have to kick the bed sheets to the side as the fan builds a breeze between the sheets that disperses heat. This will not only make your nights more comfortable but also reduce the rate at which you sweat.


Bed Fan With Wireless Remote

This was among the first bed fans in the business and it is a bit hard to come by right now. However, its adjustable height, sleek outlook and intuitive press to power and twist to adjust speed knob make it one of the best despite its age. It is the perfect tool for anyone who is just interested in cooling off but doesn’t really care about heating up during the winter, something that the BedJet V2 is really good at.

The Bed Fan disperses built-up body heat with a cool, refreshing breeze between the sheets. Bed Fan’s wireless remote sits on the nightstand for easy-to-reach adjusting. Powered by 2 AA batteries, the wireless remote is backlit upon touch so you can see it as you adjust it at night. It controls the powerful dual fans that move up to 680 feet of air a minute dispersing built-up body heat under the sheets. You’ll sleep comfortably all night long as the the Bed Fan blows a refreshing breeze.

If you wake up too warm, simply adjust the fan with the wireless remote. Twist the top to increase or decrease the fan’s intensity. With the remote at your bedside, you can adjust it without getting out of the covers-helping you get back to sleep faster. Adjusts to fit your bed frame and mattress height. The dual-fan reversible base draws air from under the bed or can face outward for platform bed frames that sit on the floor. Once your base is positioned, adjust the height to clear the top of your mattress.

The fan’s height extends an additional foot from its shortest position to accommodate taller beds and thicker mattresses. Adjustable tabs along the sides notch and lock to hold the height in place. And since it’s flat against the bed, you can drape your blankets and comforters over it. When the bed is made, no one knows it’s there. Yet at night, you definitely will as you sleep comfortably under the sheets all night long.Circulates air under the sheets to disperse built-up body heat and keep you comfortable all night long

Sends a breeze over the body rather than the entire house – turn off the AC and save on cooling costs
More effective and efficient than traditional cooling methods, which only affect the air outside the sheets
Adjustable height clears thick to ultra-thick mattresses on a variety of bed frames.

Its Wireless remote is backlit upon touch, has variable speed, and sits on the nightstand for easy-to-reach adjusting

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Wireless Remote Bed Fan

So, you have just jumped into the bed fan review section and don’t really know what to look out for. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the right bed fan for your room.

Overall Bed Side Fan Power

As the heat goes up, you will have to increase the air flow in order to stay comfortable. A good bedside fan should be powerful enough to ramp up the air flow when needed. Look for a fun that has multiple speed settings to help you fine tune the air flow to your specific liking without having to install the bedside fan’s installation point every now and then.

Noise Levels

No one wants ambient noise in the bedroom when asleep. Your bedside fan should be as quiet as possible. Note that noises carry better and distract more at night. You might have to count on online bed fan reviews to get the perfect match if you don’t want to try a couple of fans all by yourself.

Ease of Installation

Most of the fans are designed to fit snugly under your bed sheets. An adjustable fan height lets you compensate for the mattress and bed frame height meaning that even the thickest of the beds will be well catered for. Estimate your bed’s height and ensure that the side notches or adjust stages allow for a tight fit. A well-installed bed fan will let you spread the bed over without moving anything or drawing attention to the fan.

Safety Features

Anything electric that goes into, under, on or beside your bed should adhere to a stringent set of safety standards. The fact that the fan will be humming away when you are asleep means that you don’t have any time to react to emergencies. A good bed fan should either be designed to eliminate such problems or have an intelligent system that shuts it down when it detects a malfunction.

How Usable is the Remote?

A wireless remote for a bedside fan should let you adjust fan speeds without leaving the bed. If possible, it should be easy enough to control to the extent that you won’t have to fiddle around looking for the right buttons or turn on the bedside lamp to adjust fan speeds. Some will have backlit remotes to help you find the right button in the darkness.

You won’t really have to do much when it comes to repair and maintenance. A great deal of the bed fans will have a filter on the intake side to keep dust, pet hair and other particles off your bed. You will have to clean this filter every now and then to keep everything fresh. Adding the region under your bed to a regular robot vacuum cleaning schedule will keep everything clean and neat hence cutting down on your maintenance runs.


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