Best Twin Window Fan –Review & Buying Guide

You may have limited options when it comes to maintaining fresh airflow in a small apartment or irregular room and that is where a window fan comes into play. Unlike the room fan which only circulates air that is already inside the house, a window fan can bring in cool air from outside and expel stale air and smoke from the home. A twin window fan is one that contains two fans positioned side by side and can be used expel stale air and bring in cool and fresh air at the same time.

If you are looking to buy a double window fan, then this is the buying guide that will enable you to select the fan that functions properly in your home and comes at a good price. Not many window fans last long and that is why we have only featured fans that we have found to be offering value for money. Our twin window fan reviews will give an insight into what you will expect when using that particular fan and whether it is worth purchasing.

Top 7 Twin Window Fans

1. Bionaire BW2300 Double Window Fan -Best Functionality

BW2300 twin window fanIf you are looking for a reversible twin window fan, then the Bionaire BW2300 will impress you. Not only does this double window fan perform quite well in bringing cool and fresh air and exhausting hot and stale air, but also has additional features that you will not find in many double window fans.

The two fans can be set to work together to draw or exhaust air or you can choose to have each one of them to work independently for maximum air circulation. If you are living in a tiny apartment with few windows, then this feature is essential for proper air circulation. If your apartment is bigger, then you will benefit from the remote control that comes with the Bionaire twin window fan that enables you to control the fan from anywhere in the room without having to leave your comfort zone.

This fan can be operated either manually or automatically with its programmable thermostat making it possible for the unit to turn the fans on or off depending on the temperate in your home. Setting the temperature is easy and it has an LCD screen that brightly displays the selected temperature and the current room temperature. This window fan by Bionaire also has a 3 speed settings among other technical features that boost its ability to function.

2. Holmes HAWF2041 Twin Fan -Best Value For Money

This model features a simple design with manual controls but has all the features you would need in a twin window fan. The body is made from lightweight plastic and has extender panels to cover spaces that might be left between the edges of your windows and the double fan unit. The fans in this HAWF2041 model have six blades each to increase efficiency and Holmes designed the motors to be water resistant so you don’t have to move your fan every time it rains. However, it is just important that you keep it dry to increase its durability.

Holmes HAWF2041 does come with a comfort control manual thermostat that enables it to maintain an ideal temperature in your room. The motors are reversible and the fans can work independently. It has 3 speed settings and its manual controls make it easy to operate. If you are looking for a good fan with the ability to maintain temperature in your apartment, then the HAWF2041 from Holmes is definitely your ideal choice.

3. Avalon Twin Window Fan

Avalon Twin Window FanThis high velocity twin window fan by Avalon comes with 9 inch blades and a 3-speed setting that ensures maximum efficiency when it comes to exhaling stale air and bringing in cool and fresh air to your home. This double fan is easy to operate thanks to its dedicated buttons that allow you to select your preferred comfort speed level easily. It comes with a Max Cool Technology which enables you to select the preferred temperature in your home and the fans will stop bringing in cool air when this temperature is attained.

Each fan has its own durable and efficient copper motor that is built to work through the toughest environments including rainy weather. You can operate each fan individually, which makes it possible to reverse the air flow on one fan or completely switch off one of them if you feel like. Unlike most fans, the Avalon twin window fan has a stand which means that it can be easily left to stand on its own on your window unlike most double window fans that require support from the sliding window. Whether you need a fan for the bedroom or living room, then the Avalon fan is one of the best window fans you can get in the market at present.

4. Holmes HAWF2021 – Best for Tight Budget

Holmes HAWF2021 twin window fanIf you are looking for a simple but functional window fan, then the Holmes HAWF2021 will definitely impress you. This fan is designed to fit all slider and double hung windows and comes with an extender panel that can be used to cover both sides in larger windows. The fan is quieter than most, which is an added advantage. Although it doesn’t come with a thermostat like the Bionaire BW2300, the Holmes HAWF2021 goes for less than half the price of the Bionaire. This makes it the best twin window fan for those operating on a very tight budget.

Since this double window fan doesn’t have a setting to change the air flow or a way to operate each fan independently, you will be required to manually change the positioning of the fan to shift from air intake to exhaust. In both positions, you can easily change the speed of air flow, but you have to do it manually since it doesn’t come with a remote control. With this fan, you will use 60% less energy than other sophisticated models which makes it the ideal option if you are just looking or a simple twin window fan for your apartment.

5. Holmes HAWF2043 Twin Window Fan

Holmes HAWF2043The Holmes brand is undoubtedly one of the best you can go to when looking for twin window fans and they don’t disappoint with the Holmes HAWF2043 fan. This fan is able to electronically reverse each fan blade to shift between exhale and intake to create a conducive atmosphere in your apartment. The fan has an adjustable screen that expands to fit almost every type of slider or double-hung window, making it perfect for you in any apartment.

You can set and control the fan speed on the Holmes HAWF2043 double fan to ensure optimal air flow as well as keep the home at your preferred temperature setting. Holmes has advanced its technology in twin window fans and this has led to many models, including this one, to provide a superb performance while using 60% less energy. If you want to attain the right temperature at your home and you can’t get a room fan, then the HAWF2043 is an ideal choice.

6. Comfort Zone CZ319WT

Comfort Zone CZ319WTThe Comfort Zone CZ319WT is designed to work for your home whether you prefer a vintage look or modern design. This twin window fan is designed to be compact and fit into almost any type of double-hung or slider window. On the sides, it has Accordion expanders that can be stretched to each side of the window to provide complete cover and prevent insects and dirt from entering your house.

This Comfort Zone twin window fan has 9 inch blades that enable efficient air flow. The overall design is made from tough plastic to prevent it from getting damaged easily. Controlling the fan is easy –simply use the two-speed setting to alternate between fast and slow rotations. On low or high speed, the motor does a decent job enabling the fans to deliver lots of fresh air in to your apartment building.

7. Optimus F5280 -Simple Yet Highly Functional

Optimus F5280 window fanThe Optimus F5280 is a simple yet beautifully designed window fan that is great for all your cooling and air circulation requirements, especially if you live in an apartment. The fan comes with three 7 inch blades on the two fans which do just enough to ensure proper air circulation in small rooms.

The F5280 is indeed easy to use. It has two speed settings on both sides that make it convenient to change speeds when you reverse the air flow manually. The fan is light so you won’t find it hard to reverse the airflow. It is also rain resistant so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on your window when it is raining.

Why Buy Dual Window Fans

Ideal for small spaces –If you live in a small apartment or small house, you won’t gain much from a room fan since all it does it is to circulate air in your home. In your case, you need a fan that take in cold air from outside while exhaling warm air and this is where window fans are most helpful, especially the reversible air flow type.

Cheaper than room fans – Most twin window fans are priced below $50 which makes them affordable than room fans. (See the budget twin window fan here) Their maintenance costs are also lower than room fans since they consume less energy.

Ideal for irregular shaped rooms –Not every house has standard shaped square or rectangular rooms, and if you are in one of these houses, you know how difficult it is to position a room fan. Window fans can be added to the windows when needed to complement the air flow in these kinds of rooms.

Can exhaust or take in air at once –Most window fans like the Bionaire BW2300 are designed such that each fan can work independently. You can, therefore, set one fan to exhaust warm and stale air while the other brings in cool air. This ensures that your apartment remains cool and fresh.

How To Use A Window Fan The Right Way

You should purchase a window fan that can reverse air flow in order to expel warm and stale air out while taking in cold air. Most of the twin window fans reviewed here have this capability and we highly encourage you to take advantage of that.

You should also make sure to place your window fan in a prime position where there are no obstructions outside. Make sure that you don’t place it near garbage bins since the whole house might end up with a bad odor. It is also advisable to place an exhausting fan on the sunny side and the intake fan on a cool shady area of the house.

Don’t leave your window fan on the windows when it is raining heavily and water is likely to enter the unit. Although most window fans are advertised as resistant to water, you don’t want to expose it to a risk that could easily damage the motors.

Window Fan Buying Guide

The following are some of the things you should consider when purchasing a window fan:

Size of the blade: When shopping for a twin window fan, go for the biggest blades you can find. Most of the fans usually have 9-inch blades and these work better than the 7-inch blades.

Noise Level– You don’t want a fan that will be more of a nuisance than a convenient gadget. This is why the noise level generated by the twin window fan should be taken into consideration when shopping. In our reviews, we have considered the noise levels when reviewing the fans.

Cost –Windows fans are an inexpensive means of cooling your home and it is easy to find those that cost less than $50. Although you might have to sacrifice some functionality for the low cost models, sometimes it is worth it.

Type of Windows –Twin window fans are designed mostly for slider and double hung windows. If you have any other type of windows in your home, you will find it difficult to install this fan. However, this can be overcome by getting the Avalon Twin Window Fan which has its own stands.

Thermostat –Window fans with thermostats allow you to maintain a constant temperature in your home. You don’t have to move up and down reversing the fans each time since they will automatically go off when your room reaches the perfect temperature.

Convenience –Does the fan have a remote control? If you are in a large house, you will definitely benefit from a remote control double window fan than if you are in a small house. Other features that improve convenience include functional automated settings for temperature.

Quality: The quality of a fan isn’t just about the material used to make the outer cover. Although this should be strong, the most essential feature of the fan is the motor. Make sure that the fan you select has powerful motors on both twin windows for the best effect.

Pros & Cons

Twin window fans do a great job in small and irregularly shaped apartments than a room fan would. These fans are also cheaper than room fans and consume less energy. They are easy to set up and perfect for apartment units where the air flow is tricky.

Despite the benefits of window fans, most manufacturers design their fans poorly and add inferior components that make them last shorter than room fans. These fans are also designed to work on only specific types of windows.


Our top pick, the Bionaire BW2300, is the best twin window fan that will give you real value for money. However, if you have a tight budget, then you can’t go wrong with the Holmes HAWF2021. All the fans listed here have been tested and you can check real consumer reviews right at amazon. When shopping for the best twin window fan, check out our guides on this post and use our reviews to get yourself a product that is built to function and last.

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