Polar Seal Heated Tops Review

polar seal heated shirt

Traditionally, for you to survive outside during the winter season, you require layers and layers of garment. As a result, you end up with a load of clothing on you that limit your performance. You don’t have to go through this –polar seal heated tops allow you to keep warm with only a layer of clothing. While wearing this single piece of clothing light garment, you can get enough warmth to walk out confidently into the snow. It may sound unreal but Polar Seal have gone to great extents to provide this functional product for normal use.


The Polar Seal smart tops are the ultimate garment for anyone who wants to be active during the cold season. According to the manufacturer, these tops have been tailored with sports people and those seeking adventure in the winter season in mind. They consist of a battery heated shirt with a button on the sleeve. Just a press of the button warms up the clothing which in turn warms your body to a desired temperature. These buttons are conveniently positioned, making it easy for you to reach and use them. They are also waterproof and shock resistant. In addition, they are sensitive to both bare hands and gloves meaning you will not have to take of your gloves constantly.

How it Works

Each shirt comes with a couple of heating zones. These zones are strategically positioned on your back to supply you with maximum heat. You can activate the two zones separately or at the same time depending on the level of warmth that you need. The shirt has three heating levels of low, medium, and high, which are 104, 113, and 122 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. You can easily select your preferred heating level by pressing one of the three color-coded button on the shirt’s sleeve.

The Polar Seal shirt gets the power it needs to run from a 10,000-mAh battery pack. With the two heating zones active at the maximum temperature setting, the battery pack runs for an impressive eight hours. These heated top also work with various USB power banks meaning you will not have to rely on a specific power source. With this feature, the Polar Seal is arguably the most reliable smart shirts in the current market.

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User-friendliness and high durability

Polar Seal’s state of the art technology ensures its shirts heat up within a short time of ten seconds. Strategic placement of heating elements between ultra-thin dissipation layers means that you get a super-lightweight fabric. Furthermore, these Polar Seal shirts are flexible, water resistant, and breathable rendering those cold times warm as usual for the wearers. The shock resistant buttons and the premium fabric, which is detergent safe, ensure durability of the Polar Seal shirts. These tops are safe for use.


  • Can be used with batteries as well as power banks through USB
  • They heat instantly. It takes only 10 seconds for the smart top to be heated.
  • Lightweight heating elements. You wouldn’t have to carry extra weight just to get warm
  • Different heating levels that you can adjust to a level that suits you best
  • Has two heating zones for your convenience
  • Its batteries last long so that you won’t have to recharge often on those snowy days. You can extend its functionality with a power bank
  • Water resistance


  • Quite expensive


Technology is gradually coming in to the clothing industry and the Polar Seal heated shirt is evidence that the combination of the two can work quite well. You don’t need to keep rubbing your hands together or sit near a fire in order to get warm anymore when one of these battery heated shirts can prevent you from the harmful effects of extreme cold during the winter season. These shirts are lightweight and easy to clean. They are available for both men and women with a form fitting and flexible design. They are available here.

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