Starbucks Verismo V Brewer System Review

Last updated on June 3rd, 2017 at 02:38 pm

If you find Starbucks coffee intriguing, you will definitely love the Starbucks Verismo V. This brewer system is the closest you can get to the Starbucks for your shot of espresso or cup of coffee. This machine is an attempt to bring Starbucks drinks straight to your kitchen or office by giving you a sizable machine that creates all the basic drinks and the delicious foamed milk that makes Starbucks latte so captivating.

As a small sized gadget for your kitchen, the Verismo V will neither break your bank or clutter your kitchen. It is surprisingly affordable and compact. This coupled with the sleek design to make a marvelous piece that will definitely contribute to your kitchen’s decor.

Even though the Verismo V is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, it still brews its espresso and coffee from pre-packed plastic pods, something that would almost be unacceptable to people who like grinding their own coffee and brewing it using pour-over coffee brewers.

Design and Appearance

Many of the looks and design features trickle down from the predecessors, Verismo 583 and the Verismo 600. You’ll get the same 19 bar pump pressure, a removable drip tray and somewhere to stash your used pods.

A see-through water tank sits to the side of the brewer system and will hold 77.7 ounces of water, a great improvement to the previous models’ 33.8 ounces capacity.

The control buttons sit at the very top of the coffee make making them easier to access without bending. With its profile standing at 11” tall and 7.6” wide makes it ideal for the kitchen counter top.

Set Up and Getting Started

The Starbucks Verismo V brewer system comes ready to use. Attach the water tank and plug the coffee maker into a power outlet before lifting the cover to the coffee slot. Take one pod and open the pressure tab covering the bottom. Drop in the plastic pod into the slot, cover it up and press the button designating the espresso you want and the Verismo V will have it ready within 13 seconds.

Your espresso will have a thick and nice crema and its taste will mostly depend on the age of the plastic pod you used. Ground coffee tends to lose flavor over time hence older pods might taste less appealing. This coupled with the fact that one pod goes to one cup and you cannot cram in more coffee per brew means that you either have to buy pods with higher amounts of ground coffee or make do with the shallow flavor.

The Verismo V lets you choose the cup size instead of just sending the coffee into the desired 1-ounce cup. You can scale it up to 1.5 ounces if you want.

Brewing coffee is a bit different since you don’t really need the espresso thickness. You can change the volume from the default 7 ounces to an impressive 10 ounces.

The Verismo V Milk Frother

While the Verismo accepts milk pods, the machine will develop a sour smell after a while no matter how often you run the rinse cycle. The best alternative would be investing in a Starbucks milk frother and using fresh milk to create that creamy additive that makes Starbucks coffee so unique.

Alternatively, you can use the milk frother that comes with the Verismo V. Starbucks has come to terms with the fact that milk pods are a bad idea for your machine and your lattes.

How Often Should You Run the Rinse Cycle?

Keeping your coffee maker clean improves the quality of coffee you get from each brew. The rinse cycle cleans up residual coffee from the machine leaving it fresh for the next run. Running the clean cycle after a couple of brews is wise. The machine will remind you to run a rinse cycle if you stay for too long without cleaning it up.

To run the rinse cycle, place a cup beneath the drip nozzle and punch the rinse button. Ensure that the machine is well heated for an effective rinse. Always run the rinse cycle when you turn the Verismo V on after a no use period.

Verismo V Compatible Coffee Pods

The Verismo V will use standard Verismo pods. The flavors vary from brewed coffee to tea, espresso and the now unnecessarily milk pods that were popular in the discontinued Verismo coffee maker models.

Always buy your Verismo coffee pods in bulk to save on cost. You can save up to $0.19 per pod if you buy big 96ct boxes as compared to buying small boxes.

The Advantages

  • Gives an amazing blend of coffee, espresso, and tea at the mere press of a button
  • The provided creamer is a great move from milk pods. It will keep your coffee maker cleaner for longer
  • A bigger water tank means you can brew more before replenish the water tank
  • A small and compact design that makes it at home in your kitchen without filling out too much space


  • The pods will limit you. You’re limited to Verismo pods meaning that you will have to pay between $10 and $15 per dozen and stick to the flavors Starbucks deems fit for your coffee maker
  • Too many coffee pods to dispose of. This is not really environment-friendly
  • The espresso might pass out as too light and a bit flat to those who prefer a very strong brew

The Bottom Line

The drinks you get from the Starbucks Verismo V definitely remind you of the actual storefront drinks. It is a cool way to skip the long lines and the time wasting coffee run. You might find the brewing process too manual especially if you want to add cream and frothed milk. The KRUPS EA8808 does a better job by automatic the entire process as long as you have a jar of milk nearby. The compact size and reasonable price tag not only make it a great addition to your kitchen but also a great housewarming, wedding or seasonal gift to someone special in your life.

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